LinkedIn Learning (LiL) is available for free for all staff and students in NUIG! This is an amazing resource of more than 16,000 courses with more being added regularly. It provides courses for a wide range of skill sets and allows for the development of soft and hard skills to equip users for life and work. As WiSTEM Science Officer 20/21 and LinkedIn Learning Champion, I have collated some courses I found useful, encouraging and empowering for our members and supporters. The great thing about LiL is that these courses can be listened to as podcasts on the app and you have no obligation to continue to sit in front of the laptop to hear all the amazing thing these women have to say. From STEM focused to general women leadership courses I hope these courses help inspire you to be your best self and support the women in your life. The collection can be accessed here: Women in STEM LinkedIn Learning courses. I have described my top 3 choices below but check out the whole collection!!

If you haven’t activated your free LiL account as an NUIG student/staff you can do so here: If you aren’t a NUIG student or staff LiL is available for LinkedIn premium members! Enjoy these courses!

Women in STEM

By: Jess Stratton, Sheeri Cabral, and Peggy Fisher

This course is more a mini-documentary following three inspiring women: Sheeri K. Cabal, database admin at Mozilla and presenter of OurSQL podcast; Jess Stratton, writer for and the founder of Solace Learning; and Peggy Fisher, professor of computer science at Penn State and leader of several tech-focused after-school programs for disadvantaged youth. These three women tell of the journey that got them to where they are, their motivations and their struggles. This course is sprinkled with encouragement is a testimonial of how amazing women in STEM are!

Favourite point(s): (I couldn’t pick just one!)

  • ‘If someone is offering you something, they think you are good enough’
  • ‘This is me and this is what I do and I’m very good at it!’
  • ‘Do what you love and the strength will shine through’
  • ‘Go with your strength and see how you can make it into a career’

Becoming a courageous Female Leader

By: Joan Kuhl from genConnectU

This course outlines the research done by Joan Kuhl about some of the barriers facing women aspiring to be leaders in their field and how to tackle these. Joan is based in America but I found the tips helpful never the less and it got me thinking about how we can open doors for those earlier in their careers no matter what stage we are in. She tackles the ‘good girl curse’, how to navigate conflict, deal with difficult people and other things we all need help maundering at one stage or another. It even comes with some useful worksheets to think through your situation to come up with useful solutions. Definitely a great course on how to become a ‘positive catalyst’ wherever you are

 Favourite point(s):

  • ‘You don’t have to be ready to master something to be ready to try something to take a risk’
  • ‘Champion yourself to go after the things you deserve’
  • ‘You don’t have to be on the top yourself to give mentorship and help out others’

Women Transforming Tech: Tips for career success

By: Syamla Bandla, Megan Holston-Alexander, Lori Mackenzie, Rashim Mogha and Nitya Narasimhan. 

Loved this course by Syamla Bandla, venture capitalist Megan Holston-Alexander, author and women’s leadership expert Lori Mackenzie, author and tech executive Rashim Mogha, and educator and developer Nitya Narasimhan! This group is just a powerhouse of women power! They go through their top tips for life and work and self-care and share authentic answers to the questions asked! A must watch and get your pen and paper ready because this course is full of a lot of very quotable content.  It is a short course but it packs a punch and I’m happy to report they have more videos answering even more questions!

Favourite point(s):

  • ‘If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready’
  • ‘Be the change agent’
  • ‘If you want to be liked…get a dog’

(aka don’t overwork yourself just to get people to like you just get a lovable pet)

I hope you enjoy these courses and be sure to keep learning on LiL and make the most of the free service provided by NUIG. You can find out more about LiL on the NUIG LinkedIn Learning SharePoint!


Abi Oyeyemi

WiSTEM Science Officer 20/21

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